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Ayrshire Kitesurfing Guide

Wind ThingsWindsurfers have enjoyed the beaches of the Ayrshire coast since the early eighties. Kitesurfers are now taking advantage of Ayrshire’s numerous open sandy beaches & consistently windy conditions. Ayrshire’s beaches are perfectly suited for kitesurfing. There are numerous long sandy beaches receiving a steady stream of low pressure wind generators from the Atlantic & Irish Sea. Low pressures follow the path of the Gulf Steam heading toward Scotland providing wind & also relatively mild sea temperatures year round. Western Scotland has on average a wind speed of around 18mph. If you’re looking for stronger winds than this to ride just pay us a visit during our winter season. Most kitesurfers in Scotland will have small kite sizes in their quiver for fun in those 30mph+ days.

The majority of the beaches on the Ayrshire coastline face Westerly in direction placing them in a perfect position to receive the predominantly South Westerly winds approaching from across the Atlantic & the Irish Sea. These beaches take everything from a Southerly wind through Westerly directions to Northerly.

TroonTroon is probably best known in sporting terms as the home of the Open Golf Championship with the links course adjacent to the town beach. Troon has accommodation to suit all pockets from camping through to 4 star hotels. Troon & Barassie Beaches are particularly popular venues on the West Coast with windsurfers & kitesurfers. Both beaches are sand bottomed, miles long and shallow sloping making the location ideal for beginners and experts alike. Getting to Troon could not be easier with air links from Prestwick International Airport, rail & road links (www.firstscotrail.com) to Glasgow & the P&O fast ferry route to Ireland at Troon harbour.

Kilchattan BayIf the wind swings round to an Easterly direction just hop on one of the Clyde Coast ferries for a short daytrip to one of the Clyde Coast Islands & avoid the off-shore wind direction on the mainland! The Isle of Bute covers most wind directions with Kilchattan bay, Scalpsie Bay & Ettrick Bay particular favourites. Alternatively, take drive South along the coast to Luce bay South of Stranraer.

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