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Barrow Kitesurfing Guide

Although fairly unknown as a kitesurfing location, the coastal area around Barrow boasts 4 great locations within a 6 mile radius covering most wind directions. North West Kitesurfing’s instructor Gary has kited all over the world but has rarely had more success with conditions than around this area.

1. Earnse Bay

Kitesurfable at all tide conditions and suitable for teaching on Northerly and Southerly winds, low tide is approx a 300m walk at the most and at low there are lagoon like areas and shallow water for approx 100metres. For more experienced surfers the beach is usable in N/NW/W/ SW and S wind directions without it being offshore, in westerly directions there are normally waves and sometimes clean surfable and up to 6’ on odd occasions. The beach is mostly sand with some rocks becoming exposed in places at low tide. On a sunny day this beach compares well to any beach I have seen in the UK. There are toilet facilities and a convenience store close by.

Local BeachEarnse

2. Rampside

Kitesurfable 1 hour or so either side of high tide only, this beach is mostly flat water conditions and is all sand under foot. On a 7.6m ish tide the water is just above knee deep and stays this way for around 500metres, on an 8.5m ish tide the water is about chest deep and stays this way for around 500metres. This location is ideal on SW/S/SE and Easterly wind directions. There are no facilities close to this location.

3. Roa Island Bay

This bay is usable 1hour or so each side of high tide sometimes longer on high tides, normally glassy flat. On a 7.5 to 8.1m tide it is mostly within depth across the bay, 8.1m plus becomes out of depth in the middle of the bay. This is usable in most wind directions due to the bay almost being enclosed but has a few obstacles such as a grounded boat and a rock causeway, best for intermediate riders to practice new moves etc.

4. Roa Island Channelside

This side of the bay is usable at all tide states, at low tide can have some lagoon like areas, muddy sand makes it quite unpleasant though and safety boat cover would be advisable on easterly winds. Mostly flattish conditions with chop on 16 knots plus, more suitable for intermediate riders. Both the Roa Island locations are close to toilets and has a seasonal café close by.

The biggest town in the area, Barrow In Furness, can be reached by taking J36 off the M6 and following the A590 signs for approx 32 miles. Best of all about the region is there are only a handful of local kitesurfers and not many other beach users so no crowds or restrictions!

Thanks to Gary from North West Kitesurfing for this guide. Visit their website at www.northwestkitesurfing.co.uk.

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