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Co. Clare Surf Guide

LahinchLahinch Beach- The beach is a great place to learn to surf there are many good sandbanks that appear during the year. You could try out the Green Room Surf School and shop for further advice www.greenroomlahinch.com. In the summer longer boards are more suited to the beach as the swells are not as strong as other times of the year. The best times for a challenge would be the months of September and October. To the left of the beach there are a number of left reef breaks and the further you go out on the ledges to the left of the beach at Lahinch the more challenging the waves will be.

Dougmore/Dunebeg- If there is not much swell at Lahinch you could try the beach at Dougmore which has many sand bars and a peat reef to the right. This can be a heavy Hossegor type wave on a good day but can also offer a nice summer wave for a chilled surf. Access is still ok through the golf course as there is a surfers path from the car park which gives the surfer access across the golf course to the waves.

Spanish Point- This location is 15 minutes by car from Lahinch and 30 from Dougmore. There is a beach break and three reef breaks the inner reef being the most surfed. This can be a great wave on its day and can be heavy at times. The beach can hold up to a 6 foot swell but also can be a good spot for a few mellow waves on a summers evening if Lahinch is too busy.

Crab IslandDoolin reef/Crab island- Moving in the opposite direction to Doolin we have 2 breaks that range from the intermediate t0 the experienced surfer. Doolin reef can have lovely waves and if there is not to much wind and a ground swell this would be a good place to try before your 20 minute paddle over to the famous right at Crab Island. Crab can break your board just on the paddle out so dont take this wave for granted. When its on it is probably the best wave in the Co. Clare area.

As for other spots in Clare there are many and on a good day you will only have to follow the local surfers cars to find another Irish gem in the Co. Clare area. Of course I cant tell you the exact locations due to the fact
I would have to kill myself before someone else did!!

Many thanks to Stuart from the Green Room Surf School & Shop. For further advice, lessons or equipment, visit www.greenroomlahinch.com

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