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Donegal Surf Guide

If you are based around Easkey then you have some great surf spots nearby with the option of travelling to anywhere from Donegal to Clare as a viable daytrip . The whole area gets a lot of swell all year round with summer having the least amount of swell but still providing good surf if you are prepared to keep an eye on the weather and travel accordingly. The most important factor is often wind strength and direction.

EaskeyEaskey- Easkey is north facing and works well off a north to west swell as well as a big southwest swell. The prevailing wind is SW which is offshore. There are 2 main reef breaks, Easkey Left & Easkey Right, which are both consistent top class breaks in their own right with the Stormrider guide calling the right a world class break. Both the right and left hold good walls and start to work properly around 3 to 4 feet getting better with more size. The left never really maxes out if the wind is ok. The right seems to max out around 8-9 foot and is best at low tide. The left works on all tides but is usually best at high tide. Both breaks can get a bit crowded at bank holidays and weekends with good forecasts.

EnniscroneEnniscrone- This is approx 8 miles west of Easkey along the coast road and has a long blue flag sandy beach with multiple shifting peaks. There are reef breaks to the northeast of the beach just beyond the harbour which need a bit more swell – the main wave is a right. The beach faces NNW and the reefs face WNW.

Kilcummin Harbour- This is known as a long left big wave reef break on a large boulder rocky shoreline near a headland with strong currents/rips. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Good photo in Stormrider guide. It needs a good N swell to work and is NE facing.

Lackan BayLackan Bay- Continue on past Kilcummin around the headland on progressively narrower & potholed road to arrive at the cliff overlooking the bay. This is a long secluded beautiful beach which faces north. Crowds are definitely not a problem here. A beachbreak with multiple peaks which picks up most N to NW swells.

Strandhill- WNW facing long beach with multiple peaks. There is a surfschool locally. Can be nice if a little crowded in summer. Best at mid-high incoming tide but breaks on the rocks at high tide. Watch the locals (boardsurfers & bodyboarders) getting closeout tubes in front of the Celtic Seaweed Baths near high tide but think carefully before trying it yourself. Picks up plenty of swell but is often onshore closeout in winter.

Streedagh Strand- Long sandy quiet NW facing beach which has small to mid sized waves. Needs a good swell to produce decent waves. A lot of rocks have been thrown on the beach from a storm during the winter (2004/2005) and the waves have been reported to have suffered as a result.


Bundoran- The Peak is a world class reef wave visible from the town centre. It is WNW facing and works well off a W to SW swell. It forms a long steep and hollow left best at low-mid tide and is more crowded than any other wave in the area when conditions are good. As well as the Peak, there are a number of other top breaks ranging from ones suitable for beginners to those for experts only.

Tullan Strand- Tullan receives lots of swell from most directions and can have a wave when most places are flat. The best wave is a good fairly long left which is just beside the cliff and works best at low to mid incoming tide – the risks of proximity to cliff/rocks are obvious. There are multiple other peaks along this west facing beach. Can be a great wave in summer/ light winds but is often a blown out foamy mess in winter.

Many thanks to Greg Heffernan from www.easkeybreak.com for this guide. Check out his site for details of Riverbank which is a bloody beautiful holiday home for rent with views of Easkey Left from the front of the house!

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