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Essex Kitesurf Guide

East BeachSouthend is the most popular area in the region for kitesurfers. The Estuary provides good conditions with prevailing Southerlies during the summer months providing cross-onshore conditions. The two council designated kitesurf areas are East Beach at Shoeburyness, just a short drive east from Southend and Chalkwell Ray, west of the town centre. Due to the large numbers of tourists during the summer, boat moorings and proximity to the main road most other beaches should be avoided. 3rd party insurance is required (www.kitesurfing.org for BKSA insurance cover £25.00 a year) to kitesurf at Southend.

Other locations in the area outside Southend include Clacton & Bradwell.

Essex Kitesurf School operates from East Beach so please be aware that there may be students and new riders using this location. The school may also be able to hire equipment (subject to competency check).

Tides at Southend move very fast and all riders should check a tide table before going out. High tide is generally best avoided at all beaches as this is when jet skis/powerboats and windsurfers will be out in force. As the tide goes out at East Beach the water level drops significantly allowing surfers to stand up for 1 mile. At low tide a number of lagoons form between the sandbars which generally provide flat water in all wind conditions.

Essex Kitesurf Club, one of the largest BKSA affiliated clubs, is very active in the area. More information on beaches, tides and weather can be found on the EKC website

Many thanks to Chris Whellams from Essex Kitesurf Club for this guide.

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