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Gower Kitesurf Guide

Gower Kite Riders

Famed firstly for its surfing beaches, the Gower peninsula offers plenty of watersports to test and try and is an ideal location to kitesurf on due to its numerous beaches facing in different directions to the wind. It is unique in that within a five mile radius you can choose whether to boost across flat water at Oxwich Bay or test your jumping and wave skills at Llangenith or Port Eynon. Being a relatively new sport it is popular on the Gower, but many a day can be spent on your own or with friends as you have a vast water playground to board on if you explore. Most of the beaches on the Gower are open to kitesurfing. LANGLAND & CASWELL however do not have the space to allow safe kitesurfing to occur and should be avoided! With so many watersport users on the Gower peninsula’s beaches on a good day it is important to remember that kitesurfing/kiteboarding can only occur in a safe operating environment and for the sport to grow, riders should be responsible and respectful of other beach/water users, and ride with sufficient insurance. For kitesurfing lessons on the Gower, visit Gower Kite Riders.

Here are the recommended beaches available for kitesurfing on and around the Gower.

Swansea Bay- Located about an hours drive from the Severn Bridge, Swansea Bay is the most sheltered bay in the area and gets little or no swell. It offers kiters plenty of space to kitesurf in with an awesome backdrop of the Mumbles lighthouse. With prevailing south west wind it is always cross onshore/shore somewhere and with consistent breezes all year it is a kitesurfers paradise-minus the heat! The main drawback is a large tidal range, which means a large expanse of sand at high tide and a long sometimes muddy walk to the water at low tide. As the beach is next to the heart of the city, there are amenities close by. Best wind directions are S and SE (also works on E and NE).

Rhossili Bay/Llangennith- Situated at the western tip of the Gower peninsula, Rhossili beach picks up most swell in the area, and is a large 3 mile hard flat sand beach with a small pebble bank bordering the dunes. The centre of the beach is popular with surfers and bucket and spade brigade. Access to the centre of the beach is via a short walk over the dunes from the car park at Hillend Caravan Park. There is a shop/ café and campsite which are open throughout the year. Best wind directions SW & NW (works on W, N and S).

Swansea BayBroughton Bay

Broughton Bay- Situated at the northwest tip of the Gower, Broughton bay is a sand beach with small sand banks and some shallow tidal lagoons. As the tide drops back there are numerous small patches of rocks exposed by the shifting sands to watch out for. Best wind directions NW & W.

Horton beach- Located on the southern coast of the Gower with a good sized beach at low tide. To find follow signs to Port Eynon. Horton beach is another great beach to kitesurf at, however it can get busy with other water sports users and it is definitely a low-to-mid tide kite beach. At high tide there is limited space and dunes which could create some uplifting winds. Best wind directions SW, S & W.

Oxwich Bay- Situated on the southern side of the Gower peninsula, Oxwich is a large curved bay with easy access at the western end and parking right on the beach and is a Large flat hard beach with no rocks or submerged hazards. Snack kiosks in the car park and a shop near the entrance of the car park are open in summer months and The Oxwich Bay hotel overlooks the beach and serves food and drink. Best wind directions are E & SE.

Pendine sands, Llanelli and the Lougher estuary are also spots to look at.

Swansea is an interesting place to visit with its marina and the nightlife really kicks off on Wind Street -count the short skirts. The village of Mumbles some five miles from Swansea city centre is an escape from the city with an abundance of pubs, wine bars, cafes and restaurants to suit all pockets and tastes and with a more laid back atmosphere.

Many thanks to Matt from Gower Kite Riders for this guide. Please visit www.gowerkiteriders.co.uk for more info on 1, 2 or 3 day courses designed for beginners to advanced riders.

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