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Gower Surf Guide

The Gower Peninsula has long been considered the jewel in the crown of Welsh surfing. Feeding off the same swells as Cornwall, the Gower has the advantage of being a peninsula and therefore offering great waves in a number of wind directions. Unfortunately, due to its high standards, crowds are the norm here during evening and weekends as well as summer. Nevertheless, this is a top destination and if the crowds get too much, there are offshore reefs which are beginning to be explored.

Starting from the east, Crab Island is a quality reef break at the eastern end of Langland Bay which can hold good sized swells. At its best around low tide, it is really for advanced surfers only. Langland Bay itself is a very popular break when it’s on. Unlike Crab Island, this south facing beach has the advantage of working on all tides. Caswell Bay is another popular south facing beach, this time best from mid to high tide.


Moving round the peninsula, both Oxwich Bay and Horton face southeast. They work best towards high tide and also need a huge swell to really start firing. On the west of the peninsula, Llangennith is an ideal spot for beginners in particular. Although popular, this three mile long stretch of beach copes with crowds well and works on all stages of the tide.

There are many more breaks in this area for those who are prepared to search. With a map and a little know how, there is no reason why a surfer cannot find an empty line up even in a busy area such as this. With a boat… the possibilities are endless!!!

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