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Grampian Surf Guide

Grampian is not the first destination that springs to mind for a road trip. However, these shores can get great surf and you’ll never have to deal with the kind of crowds that plagues more popular British breaks. This region has miles upon miles of uninterrupted stretches of beautiful beach. Just make sure you wear the right wetsuit and you’ll reap the rewards that only the hardcore local riders currently enjoy.

Lossiemouth and Sandend Bay are both north-facing beachbreaks which offer waves when swells march down the North Sea. Banff also faces north and has two good spots. There’s a reef break which can hold really big surf as well as a rivermouth break for an alternative.

Fraserburgh is a popular spot in Grampian terms with a couple of good breaks in the area. The Broch as its known locally works on bigger swells producing waves when the tide is on its way up to its high point. To the east, Philorth also works best towards high tide and gets more swell than the Broch. The standard of surfing here is good and the locals demand respect.

FraserburghBalmedieLunan Bay

Both Cruden Bay and Balmedie work best on swells from the south which can be useful when locations to the north aren’t picking up any waves. Aberdeen has some popular breaks, obviously due to their proximity to the city. Once again, Aberdeen Beach works best on south swells and since the beach is so long, you’ll be able to pick your own peak on good days. Slightly further south, Nigg Bay picks up large north swells which produce waves over a boulder reef. Finally, Lunan Bay is a beautiful spot which can work on all tides.

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