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Jersey Kitesurf Guide

Jersey is an excellent place to kitesurf as being a small island it is always possible to find a spot where the wind is onshore within a 20 minute drive at the very most. Relations with other water users are good and the kiting atmosphere is extremely friendly with visitors always very welcome.

St Ouens

St Ouens Bay stretches along almost the entire west coast of Jersey. Fully exposed to the Atlantic, it is Jersey’s main surfing beach. Due to the size of the bay and Jersey’s extreme tidal ranges there is a large variety of surf. At low tide, reef to the North and South of the bay is exposed and for those who don’t mind a long walk and a paddle there are some fantastic waves to be found. The centre of the beach is best around mid tide, especially on the dropping tide when the waves tend to have much better shape. At high tide when the sea reaches the sea wall in the middle of the bay, short, pitchy, hollow waves can be found at the north and south ends of the bay.

There are three main spots to kite in St Ouens although really anywhere is feasible.

1. Le Braye- At the south end of the bay, Le Braye is Jersey’s main kiting spot during the winter months. The spot is best on a westerly wind and is favoured for its excellent peaky surf which holds its shape up to 8ft. On the left of La Rocco tower at mid tide is a large expanse of water sheltered by offshore reefs, this area is known as “The Pond” and is a great place to kite around mid tide when the waves have stopped rolling through although the water can be shallow. Beware if the tide drops too low as large areas of reef become fully exposed.
During the summer the beach gets very busy and on sunny days kiters should avoid the area between 10am and 6pm. There is a large car park at Le Braye, do not be tempted to follow the lead of others and park on the slip as the police enforce the parking ban sporadically.

St Ouens, La BrayeSt Ouens, La Corbiere

2. Big Verns- When the beach is busy during the summer months the main kiting venue shifts to the slipway in the centre of the bay where there is a café called “Big Verns”. This is a great place to kite on any wind from SSW to NNW. When there is a swell running the low tide reefs offer big rolling waves. As with Le Braye, beware on big low tides as reef becomes exposed at this spot. High tide can also be a problem as the tide hits the sea wall before anywhere else on the bay. During weekends the surf academy use the beach to the south of the slipway so all kiting should be conducted to the north of the slip.

3. Secrets- When the tide gets to high or the wind is blowing straight from the south, Secrets at the north of the bay is a good spot to kite. As this is one of Jersey’s best waves, kiters should keep to the north of the main peak and steer well clear of surfers at all times. Please take restrictions seriously and avoid any marked swimming areas (yellow & red flags) and avoid the obvious surfing peaks, especially at the Watersplash and Secrets. Visiting kite surfers should always visit The Watersplash and check the Kite School Jersey notice board for up-to-date information on kite surfing restrictions.

Grouville Bay

This bay is situated on the east of the island and works well with any wind from SE to NNE. Low tide is generally better with small waves forming over a hundred meters from the beach. When the wind is from the NE conditions close to the pier can be dangerously gusty as the wind blows around the imposing Gorey castle.

GrouvilleKSJ Instructor

La Roque

When the wind is from the north, kiters should head to the south of Grouville Bay to La Roque slipway. This spot is littered with reef so care should be taken at all states of tide. At low tide the water goes out over two miles in places leaving large expanses of extremely flat water with exposed sand banks to jump and large gully’s to explore. For the adventurous who love flat water, La Roque is hard to beat.

St Aubins Bay, Bel Royal

This large C shaped bay is the main feature of Jersey’s south coast. When the wind is between SE and SSW the main spot for kite surfing is Bel Royal slip way which is in the middle of the bay. The water can have an awkward chop from mid to high tide. Better conditions can be found at low tide where small waves breaking far out leave large areas of flat water. The beach here is very flat so on a big low tide expect a long walk!

These are just the main spots, as a small island with the second biggest tidal range in the world the possibilities for kiting in Jersey are huge. Being just 14 miles from France and with many other channel islands clearly visible from all beaches, there is also huge potential for down winders.

Many thanks to James from Kite School Jersey for this guide. The school provides a range of lesson programmes ranging from absolute beginner with no previous experience to expert 1 on 1 tuition. They also provide a full 2 day IKO certified programme enabling new students to be IKO accredited by the end of the lessons. All equipment can be provided. For more information, please visit www.kiteschooljersey.com.

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