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Kent Kitesurf Guide

This is your guide to all the great spots on Kent’s Beaches and when to sail them. Help Kent Kitesurfing Club and Ride Kitesurfing School to keep kitesurfing alive in Kent by following any local rules there may be!

1.Whitstable- This is one of the most popular spots in Kent, partly due to Marks excellent shop being on the seafront! It is also home to Chris Calthrop and on a windy day if he’s not in Maui chances are he will be hanging off the bottom of a Blade 3 some way above sea level! Best sailed at mid to low tide it is best sailed in NE to NW although it can be sailed by the more experienced in E through to SW depending on where you launch from. At low tide there is a patch of dead flat water called The Street, created by a spit they used to have speed sailing competitions here! This makes for some excellent kitesurfing. Watch out for the dinghys and Londoners as this place gets very busy in the summer months with it being just an hour and a half from the big smoke!

2.Ramsgate Sands- The Queen visited this beach back in the day and it is still very popular with the sunbathers during the summer months. On a hot day at high tide there will be no room at all! However when the wind is up for us most of them stay away and there is a nice sandy beach at all states of tide. There are some very strong currents here though and sailing at high tide is for experts only. Best sailed in SE to NE there is a friendly bunch of kiters down here most weekends. Heed their advice and you will have a good time.

3.Sandwich Bay- You have to pay £4 a time to use the beach during the summer months, but during the winter you can get a season ticket for £20. What you get for your money is a nice clean beach that is sailable in anything from a SE to NE and in the lighter airs can be perfect for beginners. The tide reveals sand when it is out but at high tide there will be a pebble beach.

4.Hythe- A shingle and sand beach which can be sailed in anything from SW to E. However SW is considered the preferred direction. The beach is quite steep which can make launching difficult at mid to low tide. Watch out for the other water users as the sailing club is very active.

5.Littlestone on Sea- Romney Sands stretch from Dungeness to Dymchurch and most of the land behind them is below sea level making for good clean consistent wind. Sea breezes also tend to be a little stronger here in the summer months. SE through to NE is cross on shore but check the tide tables as at dead low springs its a hell of a walk!

Many thanks to Rou Chater for this guide. For more info on kitesurfing in Kent and a more in depth beach guide, visit www.kentkitesurfingclub.co.uk. For lessons in Kent, visit www.ridekitesurfing.com where Rou is also a mighty fine instructor.

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