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North Wales Kitesurf Guide

North Wales really is a kiting paradise. With a variety of beaches the opportunity for kiting in any wind direction really is available. With a full range of conditions on offer from flat water to waves it is ideal for all ranges of ability from beginner to advanced. For advice on the best beach to visit and what the conditions will be like contact Turbulence on 08456 589656 or [email protected]

Pensarn, Abergele

A funny location right by the A55. Easy to access but with lots of rocks, you can park right on the beach and it is only a short wander to the sand.

Wind directions – NNW, N, NNE, NE,E

Sea state – Waves, can be big can be small, really depends on how the sand shifts. There is lots of sediment in the water so brown water. You need to wait until an hour and a half after high tide before going in, there are groins and stakes in the water so be careful. The lower the tide gets the more you see. This is not a beginner location, lots of obstacles in the water, good shore break, good sandbars, excellent for those comfortable with waves and chop.


Westshore, Llandudno

A huge bay with a mixture of sand and rock groins in the water. For kitesurfing park up at the Great Orme end and launch in the cross shore winds. Be careful of the wind shadow from the orme, can be very dangerous, launch with your kite facing the water.

Wind directions – NW, W, SW

Sea state – Flat water behind the huge rock spit for the first 150m then waves on the sand bars out the back. The location is suitable for all levels but at different tidal states. There is a yellow buoy out close to the spit. This is a tide indicator for beginners. If you are not confident staying upwind in waves and chop then you need to wait for the tide to reach the yellow buoy before going out. This is for your safety as it gives you a safety zone the full length of the beach.

Lligwy, Anglesey

A beautiful secluded bay on the east coast of Anglesy. This is a lovely wave spot. A wonderful sandy beach with parking at the top of the sand dunes overlooking the beach.

Wind Directions – NE, N, E, SE

Sea state – A wonderful sandbar wave which forms on the different sand bars as the tide rises and falls. Be careful of false wind readings on top of the sand dunes as the wind really buffets over the dunes. At high tide this is an advanced spot and beginners should wait until at least an hour after high tide before going out.

Newborough, Anglesey

Stunning location with crystal clear water

Wind Directions – SE, S, SW

Sea state – Sand bars, flat water channels, waves, even got a shipwreck break. Be careful of muscle beds and wait to see it at low tide if you haven’t ridden there before. Good for all. Be warned it gets really windy!!!

NewboroughRhosneigrBlack Rock Sands

Rhosneigr, Anglesey

The islands main spot for kitesurfers and windsurfers. Rhosneigr is a beautiful spot renowned for its super-consistent winds and is the number one competition location in the UK. The surf and beach areas are superb. Great kite surfing, great windsurfing, great surfing.

Wind Directions – S, SW, W NW

Sea State – Rhosneigr faces south west and often gets quality waves. If you are surfing at Rhosneigr make sure you have been there when the tide is out, you need to see the rocks before you go out. Another extremely windy location and very popular too.

Black Rock Sands, Porthmadoc

Excellent, excellent beach with great sea quality.

Wind Directions- S SW

Sea state- Southerly or south westerly winds bring clean onshore or cross on shore conditions. Can get decent waves in the right conditions.

Many thanks to Adam from Turbulence for this guide. They are the main men for kitesurfing in North Wales and now organise the yearly Kite Jam in Llandudno. Check out their website at www.ukkiting.com

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