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NW Scotland Surf Guide

The North West of Scotland is a relatively undiscovered area in surfing terms but one which is pounded by fierce swells from both the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Although air temperatures are colder this far north, the Gulf Stream still reaches these parts keeping sea temperatures manageable with the right wetsuit. Exploration is the name of the game in these parts. With an eye on the weather charts and careful use of a map, it is more than possible to score amazing surf here and there’s definitely no danger of crowds. Kitesurfers would also do well do explore here with undoubtedly an abundance of suitable & inspiring locations such as the Kyle of Tongue.

DurnessSandwoodKyle of Tongue

Facing west, Oldshoremore faces southwest and so needs a really big swell to work but offers an alternative when conditions are too big everywhere else. Sandwood is truly for the hardcore surfer since getting to this bay involves a few miles of hiking. However, score here in the right conditions and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have surf perfection all to yourself.

To the north, Balnakiel Bay, Durness and the Kyle of Tongue can all get good waves and are stunning locations to surf in. Further along, Torrisdale Bay offers good waves at the rivermouth while Farr Bay is a beachbreak good on all tides. Armadale Bay is a sheltered beachbreak which gives protection from easterly winds.

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