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Pembrokeshire Kitesurf Guide

Pembrokeshire is the most south-western county in Wales. It juts out into the Irish Sea and is exposed to the Gulf Stream from the Atlantic. This provides some of the best conditions for water sports in the UK with fairly consistent wind and waves. With outstanding coastal and mountain scenery combined, Pembrokeshire has everything for an exciting and adventurous holiday for all ages and in all weathers. Pembrokeshire has over 30 sandy beaches and very high standards of water quality marked by an unprecedented number of Blue Flag beaches. You are never further than 7miles from the sea at any point in the county.

St Brides Bay is a large bay on the western coast of Pembrokeshire . It is an ideal playground for water users of all types. It holds the two main beaches of Newgale and Broad Haven – the hot spots. It also has several smaller, stunning beaches for surfing and exploring. Located within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park it is the only protected stretch of coast within the UK. Whilst there are a lot of sandy beaches that you could fly kites on, we ask that you consider going to the larger, less obstructed beaches, especially during the summer holidays.

NewgaleBroad Haven

Home to Big Blue, Newgale is one of the best beaches in the UK for kitesurfing. Ideal for power kiting and land-boarding the vast expanse of sand stretches for two miles and at low tide falls by up to 7m. The beach picks up the majority of swell but is not too heavy, perfect for jumping and wave riding. The waves can be knee to waist high at the south end and pick up to well over-head high at the north end. So you can pick your spot along the beach depending on the size of waves that you want. Don’t use the beach for the 2 hrs either side of high tide and ensure you have plenty of space. Restrictions apply during July and August so check the notice boards. It can get crowded but is generally capable of catering for all. The best wind direction is S (cross shore from the left), but it works in SW, W, NW, and N (in this direction the wind is cleaner at the southern end of the beach).

Big Blue KitesurfingFor kitesurfing, Broad Haven is sheltered from the main brunt of the swell and so provides small waves to learn in. Useable wind directions are SW (cross-shore from the left), W (Onshore), NW (cross-shore from the right) and N (Cross-shore). All the others come off the cliffs or through the village and are very gusty so you’re better off going to Newgale, ten miles up the coast. There are no restrictions on Broad Haven but I wouldn’t recommend it for land kiting during July and August or Bank holidays. It can get very busy.

Many thanks to Oli from Big Blue Kitesurfing for this guide. Big Blue Kite surfing is a professional kite sports centre offering a range of courses in Power Kiting, Kite-land boarding and Kitesurfing. Big Blue has been an established BKSA/IKO and WTB accredited centre for four years. They run courses all year round and endeavour to give the best introduction to and development through kite sports as possible. Visit www.bigbluekitesurfing.com to find out more.

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