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Pembrokeshire Surf Guide

ManorbierMANORBIER- A good right hander that picks up and peels over the rocks and finishes over the sandy beach. Works best just after high tide but will work all the time if the conditions are good. NE to SE winds work best. Best left to experienced surfers because of the rocks, but beginners can have a dabble in the sandy area. This break isn’t to far from Tenby and is the most consistent break in the area.

TENBY- Divided into two beaches, north & south. The south beach is generally better but both need a big swell to offer any decent waves. I’ve heard good things about the south beach when it works, it can be quick and hollow on both left and right handers. It’s best just after high tide. Westerly to northerly winds are offshore. Good luck chasing this wave as it doesn’t work very often.

BroadhavenBROADHAVEN SOUTH – Don’t make the mistake of walking round the lily ponds, pretty yes but you’ll look like a tit carrying your board half a mile round when there’s a carpark at the end next to the beach. Drive son, drive. In my experience this is a quick wave that appears quickly. Its hollow at times and very quick and fast. Broadhaven South is offshore on W to NW winds making it good when everywhere else is blown out. Not ideal for beginners but worth a look if you bored\lonely or married. A very pretty beach too.

FRESHWATER EAST- This can be a classic spot, but like Tenby needs a big swell to set it off. When its working it can offer a quick and hollow beach break. Good for beginners too. This beach is generally visited when SW winds are blowing out other breaks. NW to W winds are offshore. Have a dabble when everywhere else is shit.

Freshwater WestFRESHWATER WEST- Not much of an intro needed here, classic spot and an amazing place to stay for a weekend in the summer. This is the most consistent spot in Pembrokeshire, if its shit here, its shit everywhere (generally). There are left and right handers here most of the time, the South end of the beach offers good peaks at low tide, can be dangerous at high tide due to the rocks but still holds a good wave. The sandy end of the beach is good for a beginner but can still hold a pretty feisty wave. One of the best things about Fresh is the café-van that sells soup for those nobblingly cold days.

NEWGALE- A good fun surfing beach ideal for beginners, gear is available for hire making it quite a popular spot in the summer for people to have a dabble at surfing. Though its regarded as a learners beach, Newgale has been known to offer up a few hefty 5ft waves. A good spot for longboarders so long as you can negotiate you round them pesky windsurfers, kayakers and kite surfers. This beach can be prone to the odd rip, but only across the beach. The surf is shit at very high tide because of the backwash off the pebbles. E to NE are offshore. Nice spot for the summer this one.

WhitesandsWHITESANDS- Nice beach near St Davids. Can be pretty good but generally talked about more that it should be, I’ve yet to see a wave here better than Fresh or Manorbier. Best after high tide but a few hours before low there can be a nice right hander. Best in NE to SE winds. It can be a good laugh here in the summer when its very popular. Beware of the car park attendant; you’ll never pass without dishing out some reddies. You can hire all the surfing clobber here in the summer if you fancy having a crack at surfing.

ABEREIDDI- Yes, yes indeed. Anyone who’s worth there salt will have been here before to jump the dreaded blue lagoon, fun for those who can do it. Well worth a visit, if the surf’s shit you can always go for a hop or two. Best in E to NE winds, there’s a feisty left hander when the swell is right. Good for beginners and pro’s alike. Soup vans at hand to warm you up or call an ambulance if your jump goes tits up.

Many thanks to Plumby from Surfwithus for this guide. The site catalogues the efforts of a band of friends from Pembrokeshire, the Surfwithus surfing team, as they struggle to reach surfing perfection. The site also houses some tales and photos of other adventures that the team have undertaken. The path to surfing perfection is long and bumpy, but with the help of the Pembs surf, barrels of beer and quality tesco snacks, they’ll get there eventually. Visit their site at www.surfwithus.co.uk.

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