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Penwith Kitesurf Guide

All of these beaches are within a 20min drive of Penzance. We really are spoilt for choice in sunny Cornwall. As long as she’s blowing, we can ride it!

1. Praa Sands – SW facing Open beach especially at low to mid tide, busy in summer, and always popular with surfers if there is any swell. Nice golden sand very good waves when she goes off. Nice pub, good food and surf hire shop. Just don’t leave your car in the car park without a ticket!

2. Marazion (Folly field causeway end) – SSW facing Ideal spot at any time even very high tides. Not too busy even in summer with people on the beach. Sheltered from waves, excellent at high tide and for learning. Sometimes gets nice small waves, one of my favourite spots.

3. Marazion (Stationhouse) – S facing – Best at low tide esp. for learning. On very rough days, awesome waves to be had by the reef near the Mount. Avoid this spot at high tide, as the sea comes right up to the base of the sea wall. Good cafe, toilets, pub, parking. Top spot for learning.

4. Long Rock – SSE facing – Best at low tide due to the railway line being just the other side of the wall. As the name suggests, there is a large rock out back that flattens the water making it very smooth. Good for learning, good parking & toilets. Don’t go too far down towards Penzance, you’ll get to close to the heliport and they’ll come and arrest you!

Sennen CovePraa Sands

5. Penzance – Sherry Town – ESE facing – Not for beginners, intermediates, or those who don’t know the area. Situated just past Penzance promenade, Sherrytown is an odd location to ride. I would never have entertained the thought of riding here. But in a SE or E wind at high or low tide, the wind comes in very clean. I don’t rate this place unless you’re mad!

6. Sennen Cove – NW facing – Located just 2 miles round the corner from Lands End and is suitable for all levels of kiteboarding. Excellent access from the car park at a reasonable price. Even at high tide, there is usually a sand bank in the top corner where you can rig, launch and land in safety. The waves here are frequently monsters, an amazing beach in anything from SW to N winds. Beginners should not attempt this beach at high tide or in heavy surf. Generally because of its size, Sennen should suit anyone except during daytimes in the summer holidays because the beach gets too busy. Listen to the lifeguards, stay downwind or better still well away from bathers and surfers. Be careful, the rip currents outside the lifeguarded zones can be ferocious.

7. St Ives – Porthminster – ENE facing – Good even at high tides due to large sand bank. Better at low tide since you can get right into St. Ives harbour. Quite a small beach, could accommodate about 6 kiteboarders before it would become pointless, but a very good spot in E winds. Good parking, toilets, and shop. Avoid during the daytime in summer, extremely busy!

8. St Ives – Porthmeor – Tate Gallery side of the island – NNW facing – Popular with surfers. Excellent spot, not a massive beach but another cracking surf spot. Very busy in summer, don’t even think about kiting here in the day. Evenings are your best bet or go out of season. Guaranteed audience from the Tate and footpath.

St IvesThe Bluff, Hayle

9. Lelant Porthkidney – NE facing – On the north side of the Hayle estuary, this is a brilliant place to go in the peak summer months. Very quiet due to it being awkward to get to but well worth it. Soft sand, shallow water for hundreds of meters, hardly any shore dump even at high tide. Just be careful of the tide current as the river flows into the estuary! No toilets, parking available.

10. Hayle – The Bluff – N facing – The Bluff is popular because it has sand pools which gradually fill up as the tide comes in. This place often has ideal flat water but the tidal flow can be dangerous at times so beware. When the tide is flowing out, you can get a free ride upwind on the current (useful if you are lazy!). At low tide, the beach is enormous, and walking to the waters edge can sometimes take about 15 minutes from the car, but it is worth it. This spot is the kite beach of Cornwall. Come here to learn and advance quickly. Ideal for busting new tricks too. Very nice waves out back & a good atmosphere. Let rip on miles of golden sand! Good parking, pub with toilets and a shop on the corner.

11. Hayle – Gwithian – NW facing – Excellent wave riding spot, slight current and Sammy the seal! Superb! Good for buggies and mountain boards too. Has parking & a shop.

12. Hayle – Godrevey – NW facing – Similar to Gwithian with a more pronounced wave.

Many thanks to Andy from The Kiteboarding School for this guide. The Kiteboarding School have been helping people start kiteboarding since 1999, and have developed a refined and simple approach to teaching. They enjoy ripping it up on the water every day and are constantly pushing the boundaries in West Cornwall. They are qualified to IKO/BKSA standards as well as having a strong presence at national competition level. They are based in just about the only place in mainland Britain that is completely surrounded by the sea and sandy beaches so can teach in almost any winds. Check out their site at www.kiteboardingschool.co.uk.

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