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SE Wales Surf Guide

Along the coastline between Cardiff and Swansea, there are a number of excellent spots. The only downside is, being so close to two major cities, they have become extremely popular whenever there’s a swell in town.

Starting from the east, Llantwit Major is a point break which breaks over boulders in a big swell. South facing, it is best left to advanced surfers only. Southerndown is a south-west facing beachbreak which works best on the push from low to mid tide. Although it needs a big swell to work, when it does, Ogmore-by-Sea can produce a good left into a rivermouth. This southwest facing beach is not ideal for beginners.


Porthcawl is a well know point break which can hold up to around 6ft in a good swell. Part of Sandy Bay, this south facing beach is always popular when it’s good. Slightly further along, Coney Beach is another popular beachbreak, especially when the next beach, Rest Bay, is too big. Rest Bay is very exposed and so therefore can get wild in big swells and strong winds. The closest of these beaches to Swansea is Aberavon. The peak here can produce good hollow waves when its good and has escaped extinction from developers.

Don’t go for a surf around here as a visitor expecting to dominate. The locals here rightly demand respect and doing so will go a long way to you enjoying a good session here as much as anywhere else. It has to be said that the water quality here isn’t the greatest in the UK so keep your mouth closed underwater!

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