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South Coast Surf Guide

Although the South Coast will never be considered a classic surfing destination, it must be doing something right to have a large number of surfers in the area. Admittedly, summer will usually disappoint, but you only have to be wise to the right weather conditions to stayed stoked the rest of the year. Chalk reefs are the name of the game with the locations below being only the tip of the iceberg in terms of this area’s potential.


Kimmeridge Bay has long been known by windsurfers as a wave location which works on a solid southwest groundswell and northerly winds. The three main spots in the bay are best on a dropping high tide, the first of which is Broad Bench to the west of the bay. This is a shallow reef break for those that know what they’re doing, especially since it can hold good sized waves when it’s on. The only problem is its MOD connections which usually make it strictly off limits during the week. The Bay is the central reef break which is good for when the other reefs are too big. The Ledges is the third spot on the eastern side which is an easier wave. There are rumours of more reefs in the area which are unsubstantiated…

Bournemouth Pier is a popular surfing spot which is unfortunately not matched by a high quality wave. However, it works on all tides and outside of summer it keeps the locals happy enough. Boscombe Pier is a very similar situation. Slightly further east, Highcliffe is another average spot which works on all tides bar high tide. Hopefully this is warning enough to mind your manners when in and around Bournemouth.

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