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SW Devon Surf Guide

South West Devon is an awesome place to surf, and one of the most popular areas for waveriders in the country. With a good supply of swells from the west, all but the east-facing beaches regularly get good surf. Check out Discovery Surf Schools brief guide to the area.

WemburyWembury Beach- Expect a crowded line-up if working, requires a decent sized swell to get around the Mewstone, rock bottom with a little stretch of sand/pebbles. Can be fun and well protected on a North Westerly wind. National Trust beach car park.

Challaborough- Beach: A very popular surf spot which can offer fun shortboard waves in most wind conditions. Super crowded especially at the weekends. Point: Often just a close out, but can get good on the rare occasion. Needs to be clean.

Bigbury on Sea- Sedgewell cove or causeway side of Bigbury. Good facilities and plenty of parking, surf lessons available with Discovery Surf School at Bigbury.

Sedgewell: Consistent spot even through summer. Fun peeling waves, and not as busy as Bantham, waves are generally slopey and well suited to beginners and intermediates. Causeway side: good for bigger swells, offers good protection from southerly winds. Closes out a lot though.


Bantham- Consists of 2 breaks; the ‘rip’ next to the rocks and the ‘rivermouth’. Beware – Bantham has extremely strong rips. Without doubt the most consistent spot in the South Hams, always got a wave on the right tide – expect the longboards to get most of the waves on the small days. Rivermouth: Very fickle, but when the banks are line-up it can offer some top class waves – a rare event though!

Paignton- Easterly facing, so need an East wind swell in the channel. Best peak is usually next to the pier. Due to the small wave window, the waves are generally poor, but it can have its good days.

Many thanks to Martin from Discovery Surf School for this guide. Lessons are available all year round at Bigbury on-Sea on the South Devon Coast, although the beach location can change depending on wind and swell conditions. Lessons are also available on the North Cornwall coast (Constantine Bay area). Visit www.discoverysurf.com.

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